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EDS Group
Российская Федерация
Возобновляемая Энергия     Телефон: +73812478188
An important activity is the development and production of innovative energy equipment, engineering of the Autonomous power supply system with the use of both alternative and traditional energy sources. Today, innovative developments of our company has allowed us to develop the serial production of a number of energy equipment: - Vertical-axis wind...
Российская Федерация
Возобновляемая Энергия     Телефон: 7 9260028048
JSC SERVON TRADING is entrant in all types of metals, Mining, Petroleum Products, Petrochemical Products, cement, Agricultural Products, Commodities, Garments/Textile, Contracting, Shipping and Consultancy based in Russia. JSC SERVON TRADING was incorporated on 8th January 1980. This company recognizes that the world in which we operate is changing,...
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