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490,000 EUR
Тип Недвижимости: Коммерческая
Категория объявления: Продажа
Местонахождение: Burgas Болгария
8 pharmacies and 1 drogerie / 8 rooms for rent
1 personal /
Business is sold as a whole. Companies not
have tax liabilities and are
permanent payers!
About 40 employees!
The sale price is as follows
in the following way:
1. Payment for goods – about 170,000 euros,
2. 1 Room under the pharmacy 55 000 euros – 65
3. 265 000 euro for business, including full
equipment of all objects, cash
devices, printers, barcode scanners,
computer configurations (2-3 per object)
+ software and central
server managing the whole system and
Additional private premises -
on municipal land.
40 people work – 3 firms

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