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Пол: Мужчина
Возраст: 32 лет
Дата рождения: 02.03.1987 Рыбы
Живёт в: Lalor, Австралия
Мои Компании: BTM Floorworx
Последний визит: 04.12.2018 13:36
О себе
At BTM floorworx, whether you have a small repair or a large project, we offer complete carpet repairs and vinyl flooring melbourne solutions that suite every requirement. With our extensive product knowledge and commitment to providing our customers with unique and design focused flooring solution, you can feel confident that every project will be completed successfully. Here at BTM Floorworxs, we are committed to providing quality, performance, reliability and cost effectiveness for all our customers. With over 20 years experience in the flooring industry we aim to provide our clients with the assurance that every aspect of their flooring project will be completed successfully, with ease and the utmost quality. For more details about carpet repairs melbourne visit us today.

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